Accommodations Overview

Come stay in the luxury accommodations at The Historic Hill House and Farm. Our country inn features seven beautifully and comfortably decorated rooms and suites in four buildings: the Main House, two cottages, and the Pool Barn. Guests may select individual rooms or suites, reserve an entire cottage, or book the entire property. Our rooms evoke a nostalgic feeling of a forgotten period of Texas History. Yet, you’ll find all the modern amenities you would expect from a luxury retreat without the pretense.

Rates start at $195 per night, based on double occupancy, and include a gourmet sit-down breakfast and plenty of treats. Dinner can be purchased at an added charge. If you are interested in reserving the whole property, please call or email us for rates and availability. 

1885 Main House

For guests desiring a more traditional B&B experience, stay where the action is. The Main House offers two sizable and luxurious farmhouse- styled rooms.


If you want a little extra space, consider one of our four cottage suites. Our two cottages each offer two suites with king beds, lounge areas, and dining areas.

Pool Barn

The Pool Barn is ideal for larger parties and those with children, offering a large two-bedroom suite with a large living area overlooking the pool and open pasture.